colors of usb sticks

The old WD Green WD15EADS has been in use for over a decade as a backup. When it first launched, maNy found it was very slow. The problem is that the disk is an early 4K format and Windows XP and Windows Vista cannot handle that properly. It was not until Windows 7 shipped that allowed the disk to be properly partitioned and formatted.

There is a 32GB USB stick on the machine with the BIOS images. It also stores screenshots from the BIOS. Every AM4 desktop machine should have one so that updates from the BIOS are trivial. This does require the TPM on the CPU to be disabled as each BIOS update resets the machine.

USB sticks are now far in excess of 512GB. Lately 2TB models are available. Out of four 2TB sicks ordered, only one surfaced that surfaced but it failed after 2 weeks of use. Its advisable to check the media to be sure it is of the stated capacity.

Now that more USB sticks are coming I am hoping one will last as long as the WD15EADS so that file history can continue using the flash memory. Mounted on the rear IO shield on a machine is perfect. USB sticks historically are able to be written over at least 1000 times or more. They are designed to be fairly durable. Some tests have shown USB sticks to be able to handle over 100,000 writes suggesting some are very durable.

Unfortunately the low cost USB sticks are all over the dial for errors and write speeds. Some can write with pauses which makes the copy process really slow. Not sure what is causing the pausing other than the media write errors are forcing the controller to try other blocks.