Corsair has install Invision which is a more recent forum package,. Corsair was able to more or less copy the posts to the new system and I was able to change my display name. My old posts are damaged slightly due to the signature issue which may need massive editing to clean up. Fact of the matter my old username remains but it now is obsolete.

The forum topics still need some consolidation to make navigation more easy. The old forum ran for over 20 years so there is a massive amount of content accumulated.

The people running the forum evidently are not the most experienced webmaster I have seen. My own skills are rock solid from running my own server for many years now.

phpBB is still the most popular forum package and the forum is loaded with many skilled persons. There have been many growing pains mostly as the database changes over time to support more capabilities. Fighting of spammers was a constant battle but eventually it was beaten back.