Sonly reported today that they have sold 10 million Playstation 5 consoles. The PS5 has exceeded the lofty sales of the PS4 and it appears that PS5 may become Sony’s sop selling console.

The 10 million sales figure was achieved on 18th July, just under a month faster than the PlayStation 4. PS5 launched on 12th November 2020 amid the pandemic and with demand significantly outstripping supply.

Sony San Diego’s MLB: The Show 21, which also launched on Xbox, has seen over 2m sales and is the fastest-selling title in the franchise’s history. However, it has more than four million players, which suggests its day-and-date launch on Xbox Game Pass made quite the impact.

Sony did not provide a sales figure for the Demon’s Souls remake, which was a PS5 launch title. Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan said the company is focusing on making more stock available.

Earlier Sony bought Nixxes Software NV which is a Dutch developer specializing in game design, development and porting. They are involved in the development and porting of Marvel’s Avengers and Tomb Raider series. The Nixxes staffing is about 50 at the company at present. Sonly has desired to publish more games on the PC which is a much larger market than any console. Already a few games from Sony are available on Steam.