Chernobylite has been in early Access for quite a while but now Farm 51 has finally finished polishing the game for release. I have cleaned up the review and added more specifics as the gameplay is rich with cutscenes as part of the story. Immediately the released day version is different from the original early access version. Clearly Farm 51 put a ton of work into this game.

  • 3x more game time
  • 15 new story missions
  • 10 new maps
  • 5 new weapons

After playing the game from scratch I ended up with almost 3 hours into it to be able to clean up the rewiew to make it more in tune with the released version of the game. Overall this game has lots of action that will entertain the player for many hours on end.

Even the trees are animated to create the atmosphere of the game world. This game is definitely a worthy title to play.

  • In cooperation with AMD, we have fully implemented FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0
  • We improved memory management that could cause micro stuttering on slow HDDs and weaker computers.
  • We have resolved the various crashes that were reported to us. The game should be more stable.
  • Heist level Finished: It is now 3 times longer and can be completed from start to finish in many different variants.
  • Game ending: You can end the game in several ways and see an outro depending on your decisions.
  • New weapon: Railgun. There are too few weapons in chernobylite? So here is the kinetic cannon. It uses the power of Chernobylite to instantly energize the coils and use them to create an enormous electromagnetic field that gives the projectiles great strength and speed.
  • New base structure: Railgun Calibration Tools. It will allow you to create 14 upgrades that will have a considerable impact on the operation of the Railgun.
  • Photo mode. The Chernobylite world is a great place to take some photos. We decided to make it a bit easier for you 😉