Now that I have Halo: Infinite installed I first did a weapons check to see how different gameplay is compared to the multiplayer in Halo: MCC. Weapons are calibrated the same so no surprises.

The game is showing 17.18 GB of storage in use which covers a small fraction of the complete game. The game is a tad slow to load compared to Halo: MCC but that is due to the design of the game which is more oriented around the architure of the Xbox Series X.

After a few hours I was able to find some players and tried a session of multiplyer. I found a shotgun so I was able to kill one player but another seemed to be immune to repeated blasts. Multiplayer seems more evenly matched with Infinite as the aim assist is not present as far as I could ascertain. My score was much higher than typical with Halo: MCC multiplayer.

The shortages of graphics cards means that most PC gamers are stuck to using last year’s card. The RTX 2080 is a good card but it is aging against new models which are sadly being perverted by bitcoin miners.

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