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I am now upgrading the gaming box to Windows 11 so that I can post my experiences for my loyal readers. I am on the developer program so I am eligible for developer grade betas which are far from suitable for the general public.

Windows 11 will be available for Windows 10 users either late this winter or early next year. For those with Windows 7, your key is still valid for Windows 10.

By using your Microsoft account with hotmail, live and outlook etc, Microsoft can allow hardware upgrades for everyone.

With Visual Studio installed the debug features can make more intelligent decisions as to the cause of crashes. The Visual Studio debugging tools are powerful aids for fixing bad logic.

Installing Windows 11 with the Samsung 980 Pro SSD was less than 30 minutes. The SSD is close to saturating the PCIe 4.0 slot on the X570 motherboard.

The Start Menu in the LG 4K is a literal postage stamp. The panel operates at 3840×2160 and Windows 11 looks like it’s designed for1680×1050 which is the native resolution of my old Lenovo T500 laptop. In windows 10 the entire desktop as a start memo was leveraged with various applications grouped.

The design of Windows 10 was driven by migration from Windows 7 primarily. Windows 11 however makes it a joke for those with high resolution panels. 4K is bad nd 6K or 8K panels it’s even worse.

Below the recommended is a small list of recently used documents etc. The more > simply opens the list of installed programs.

After installing Windows 11, there were several updates waiting installation. Most likely the developer version will be updated frequently until the release candidates are finally available.

Games are working fine but I will create a list of problems.


Several problems have been identified

  • Power settings not finished
  • Lenovo 500 FHD webcam not working

Early access is designed to allow telemetry servers to spot problems nd eventually the cause is found and then work order for developers is assigned. Microsoft uses advanced servers to help develop Windows and some of that can be used by game developers.

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