Google has about 100 developers working on Linux and they recently mentioned in their blog that they would like to gave double that number. The problem is that Linux is developed with ANSI C instead of C++ which can be more type safe.

Windows is largely also developed with C rather than C++. One of the reasons is that Microsoft was slow to develop Visual C++ which was published in 1993. Much of the Windows code was built with C witch Microsoft expanded on when they bought a C compilers back in the early 1980s,

Android is widely used which is also Linux based. Open source has rallied around Linux at the core and for the last 30 years it has become a mature option for development.

While Google has continued to work on Linux one manager suggested using Rust which is not widely used. C++ can make any user defined container desired and classes can mechanize dynamic content.

PHP and JavaScript intentionally use the C/C++ syntax so that developers can migrate skills more easily. Games are largely using C++ which has been forged into one of several game development packages.

Linux would be far easier to maintain by adopting C++. 99.9% of C is also legal in C++. C++ is C with classes.

Realistically there needs to be at least 4 new developers a year dedicated to maintaining the Linux kernel. By specializing the work to the kernel will improve predacity substantially. Most corporate support is more specifics oriented which means the kernel has to fend for itself. A larger team on the kernel will allow Linux to be viable well into the next millenia.

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