I resorted to a full reset of Clicker Heroes to be able to carry on playing for another 1000 hours or so. Even with a full reset a player levels up faster than a new player as existing social fights can bring big benefits. The group fights can add to active hero souls which makes them worth using.

Focusing on Bubos I am now able to advance zones very quickly. Bubos helps Kumawakamaru get a higher level towards the maximum. Eventually as the zones get past 1 million the number of battles rises above 128 per zone.

By the look of things I am expecting to be able to make a better run to get up into the last 4 heroes. The game is brutally slow at those levels. I was definitely inefficient in the last run so now that I have a better understanding of how to get pst zone 1 million and really move deep into the last 4 heroes.

Some suggest placing all of the guilds on the active hero. I found that was not really necessary. Keep in mind the guilds are helpful with every ascend which sends the player back to the start. As the zones move towards 1 million the carpeting of the guids can be750+ deep each. Focus instead on the power levels with Argaiv which can multiply the power substantially.

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