Search engines are not a big contributor here and have not been for years. Direct traffic is dominant by far with loyal readers. Google has improved the page rank to some extent but it may be several more weeks before the traffic recovers to historic levels. The content is updated which does affect the search values.

There are a total of 22 users online now.
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Most users ever online were 162, on July 7, 2021 @ 5:44 AM

Record traffic suggests the site is finally recovering. The bot traffic tool shows heavy bot traffic has been dominating the site traffic. Bots outnumber humans by a 2:1 ratio at present. Overall, human traffic is running at around 50,000-150,000 or so pageviews per month at present. In the last week or two a lot more traffic has come to the site from social media which has been a notable source historically.

Content popularity also influences traffic substantially. Top pages lately include:

The old Crysis review has a fix for modern Windows and it is now one of the most popular posts on the site. Some old smash hits include:

Direct traffic has represented over 50% of the human traffic. Bot traffic is heavy but varies substantially over time. While in Canada, search engines from all around the world are all crawling the site.


Search any engine wth “hardcoregames”:

Baidunot found


Яндексу необходимо поработать над тем, как функционирует их база данных и возможно использовать искусственный интеллект, чтобы он лучше выбирал контент как в русскоязычном, так и англоязычном сегменте интернета.

The chart has shown some month over month improvement but the dilutives effect of trademark infringers will be dealt with accordingly.


Lately Google and Bing are now delivering more traffic but it still is all over the dial. Huawei has continued to crawl the site for their mobile platform.

Impressions from Google are over 34,000 but the average position is 34th overall with a click through rate of 1.8%. Impressions from Google have grown but the low average position suggests a lot of dillutive infragement.

Impressions from Bing are over 10,000 but the average position is 8th overall with a click through rate of 2.03%. Looking at Bing it seems that they are faster than Google to analyze a site. Perhaps Google will improve in a few months.

News items I break do not surface on Google at all even an hour later. Instead rivals are posted. And you wonder why I consider Google a deadbeat. They still owe me money. In the last week Bing delivers double the search traffic that Google does. Not sure what the problem is but Google has some serious issues.


Many of the smaller search engines which use Bing or Google to provide data are now also recognizing the site. When the sitename is page ranked 1, this goodwill should in time wake up search and bring more traffic to the site from new markets. WordPress is easily translated to any language however machine translation still needs some improvements.

Yandex has the site on the radar albeit way down the list. Baidu has not noticed at all after searching 500 deep on the site. Chrome can search and it makes it easy to check search rank.

DuckDuckGo has become a major search engine. It has been seen on the top 100 websites. They outrank many competitors,


SEO hucksters seem to be spending more effort on marketing instead of developing better tools. Google focuses more on content than anything but in recent years some crafty web developers have discovered how to game the system. It seems that SEO hucksters not able to identify malicious web sites like Google does.


The uses online tool has been actively developed. A security tool also allows a blacklist which simplifies the work. It may be necessary to manage a blacklist tool as well.


The usual trademark infringers are dilutive and when I get around to it, the are going to face trademark litigation. On the todo is a long list of claims. Once COVID-19 is history the studio will be more powerful and able to provide better content.


Retirement, when I fall over dead. Regardless that I feel Left 4 Dead, if I can still press the fire button I can still play Halo. The Spartan Master Chief returns for a new saga in Halo: Infinite.

Been updating a lot of posts on the site based on search engine results. Keywords are not necessarily very useful but URL taxonomy is more useful. There is lots of room now for a title with the theme in use and the layout.

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