It seems that many who have made new PC builds have reported to have paid a staggering amount for an elite video card. The ongoing problems with the illicit bitcoin and its derivatives are driving prices to double or more above MSRP.

Radeon cards are still double MSRP while RTX 3000 cards are slightly lower due to the GDDR6X memory problems.

Bitcoin has move back up to $45,000 which is driven by a variety of factors such as inflation. The problem is that it is not regulated like other assets. Coinbase recently became a listed security and they earn money with exchange transaction.

Sadly it does look like gaming will be impacted for a long time to come.

Inside Russia's Largest Bitcoin Mine

The Russian facility evidently has a mix of Antminer and video cards mining for various digital assets. There are so many high end video cards it brings tears to gamers who are screwed for machine upgrades.

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