Years ago with the transition from DDR2 to DDR3, AMD AM3 processors had compatibility for DDR2 and DDR3. Now Synopsis has developed a new controller that does the same for DDR4 and DDR5. The thinking is that the high cost of DDR5 will limit rapid adoption so manufacturing a DDR4 motherboard for a PCIe 5.0 system will reduce the cash outlay.

  • Supports JEDEC standard DDR5 and DDR4 SDRAMs
  • High-performance DDR PHY supporting data rates up to 6400 Mbps
  • PHY independent, firmware-based training using an embedded calibration processor
  • Supports up to 4 trained states/ frequencies with <3μs switching time
  • I/O receiver decision feedback equalization
  • VT compensated delay lines for DQS centering, read/write 1D (DDR4) and 2D training (DDR5), and per-bit deskew on both read and write data paths
  • DFI 5.0-compliant controller interface
  • Designed for rapid integration with Synopsys memory controller for a complete DDR interface solution

The old M4A77D was DDR2 based. This allowed the procurement of a new AM3 CPU while allowing new model motherboards and lower prices of RAM. AM3+ however dropped DDR2 compatibility. Eventually DDR3 prices became more reasonable and with new available 4GB sticks it was more affordable to install 16GB.

DDR5 is expensive at present and its likely to continue to be expensive for at least 12 months. No question the the Synopsis logic will appeal to Intel and AMD for integration into their SoC designs. The PHY design is built for the TSMC N5 design rules.

TSMC is expected to be the process line used by AMD when they launch their next generation logic. It’s widely expected that both AMD and Intel will launch new processors and motherboards for DDR5 based systems soon.

Cadence has offered DDR5 and LPDDR5 supporting controllers and PHY for quite some time now, but the company yet has to roll out an IP package that enables implementation of both DDR4 and DDR5.

Synopsis now has the best option for system integration for consumer machines looking forward. Given how AMD spanned DDR2 and DDR3, now DDR4 can span DDR5,

Most have never heard of Synopsis, but the company is a very diverse manufacturer of electronics. The specialize in electronic design tools. Their logic designs span a wide range of industries. Read more here.

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