The has been a lot of coverage over the Gigabyte GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM power supplies.

In it’s statement, Gigabyte has said that it is “aware of certain media outfits casting doubt over the quality of Power Supply models GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM” but has also remarked that it “appreciates and takes into consideration any feedback and suggestions” from such sources.

Gigabyte has stated that such “level of extended testing could severely reduce the lifespan of the product and components of the GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM”. As such, Gigabyte has now lowered the Over Power Protection (OPP) trigger values in these two PSU variants to 110% ~ 120%, whereas previously they had been set to 120% ~ 150%.

To address these potential issues raised by third parties, specifically, those discovered during their testing via DC Electronic Load equipment for extended lengths of time repeatedly close to the 120% to 150% OPP trigger point. GIGABYTE has made adjustments and lowered the OPP on GP-P850GM and GP-P750GM to the below values.

  • GP-P850GM– Adjusted OPP trigger point range from 120% ~ 150% to 110% ~ 120%
    Before: 1020W ~ 1300W After: 950W ~ 1050W
  • GP-P750GM– Adjusted OPP trigger point range from 120% ~ 150% to 110% ~ 120%
    Before: 900W ~ 1125W After: 825W ~ 925W

A table of affected models and serial numbers:

GP-P850GMSN20343G031011 to SN20513G022635
GP-P750GMSN20243G001301 to SN20453G025430

Models in the serial number range are eligible for a warranty replacement. To obtain the full terms and conditions for your region please contact the local GIGABYTE Service Center.

Read Gigabytes full post.

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