Now that M.2 SSD drives are a mature product the idea of a saturated market means sales will slow looking forward. At present 2TB SSD drives are still the most common for the gaming enthusiast market. Larger capacity models tend to be hard to find and very expensive.

Laptops galore were retrofitted with SATA SSD products before the desktop revolution. Most recently Samsung’s 8TB SATA SSD is the biggest offered but it is comparatively costly. Most do not need that much storage and a more modest 2TB SATA SSD is quite adequate. The WD Blue SATA SSD are budget friendly.

Not many are moving into higher capacity models as the existing population is handling the workload fine. The mSATA in the web server is 240GB which is a more of mainstream capacity. The site content with vast numbers of 4K images has barely touched the capacity suggesting a larger SSD is not necessary anytime soon.

Most of the images are copied from steam called headers which I used as the feature image to identify the game being reviewed. This is typical for a fair use and developers/publishers are fine with it and some even have packages of images and more ready to use by websites.

The cost of 2TB SATA SSD have fallen and most likely by the time the existing 240GB fills the prices will be mainstream. SSD price declines have slowed somewhat but in 2-3 years time with more manufacturing capacity a new round of upgrades will be affordable.

Even corporate demands for more SSD hardware are saturated. There are only so many mainframes in use and only so many data centers etc.

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