Looking at the RX 6800 XT and RTX 3080 Ti for the gaming box I have seen prices ease. Most likely new models of cards will surface in the fall which may change the market equilibrium but with the mining bubble it may take a lot of new cards in the market to make sure enough cards find their way into the gaming community. AMD is continuing to use the TSMC 7N line for more logic suggesting that production is expected to run to the end of the year. AMD has also started using the 5N line for more logic for the next gen launch later this year.

Inventory of cards has improved and the RTX 3080 Ti, RTX 3070 Ti are now both available while the older cards are now out of stock. The next generation cards are likely to be surface in 2022 when the TSMC lines are better caught up. Inventory is hardware has been tight which has kept prices higher than necessary. As more fabs come on line there will be less pressure on prices.

NVIDIA indicated that over 80% of cards produced in 2H 2021 will be LHR (Ethereum low hash rate) which will make them more available to consumers. It remains to be seen what prices will be come the Q4 season shopping blitz.

China has reported that domestic production has risen by close to 40% in 1H of 2021 as demand for logic is global. No forecast for orders was mentioned. With prices at 150% of MSRP suggest cards are bring priced around their hash abilities for mining.


Right now many are making do with entry level cards which are not as overpriced. Supplies of the new RX 6600 XT are fairly good but miners are also looking at the cards. With 4K however, the need for a high end card is obviated.

At present I am saving funds for overhauling the rig when DDR5 motherboards come to market. The goal of 64GB of DDR5-6400 may be more costly which will suggest a delay for 6-12 months from launch may be needed.

If RAM prices are outlandish the existing machine is not hurting and the RTX 2080 is near the Xbox Series X in performance. The X570 has 32GB of RAM which is double the console.

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