Today Square Enix has released a 32.9 GB update to Marvel’s Avengers,


To ensure our original War for Wakanda story does justice to such an important hero, our talented narrative team enlisted the help of well-known writer and Black Panther expert Evan Narcisse, author of the Rise of the Black Panther Marvel comics. Evan was particularly inspired by past Black Panther storylines, including Who is the Black Panther (2005), The Deadliest of the Species & Power (2009-2010), Black Panther – Long Live the King (2017), and A Nation Under Our Feet & Avengers of the New World (2016- 2018).

In collaboration with Evan, the writing team felt it important to ensure this was a story with Wakanda at the center, although it takes place within a larger Avengers universe. As many of you know, Wakanda is a sovereign African nation and the most advanced civilization on Earth. Its technological advancement is fueled by Vibranium, a precious material found only in a meteor that crashed on Earth centuries ago. The kingdom is ruled by King T’Challa the Black Panther, and in War for Wakanda, T’Challa is faced with an unprecedented invasion that will not only put his strength to the test as the Black Panther, but as a king, a leader, and a brother.

This invasion is led by a familiar foe to fans of Black Panther – Ulysses Klaue. A rogue scientist with a dark secret and a darker grudge, Klaue has assembled an army of mercenaries equipped with deadly sonic technology, bankrolled by one of the world’s most sinister organizations. Klaue launches sonic fracking towers across Wakanda to extract the Vibranium from the ground, a devastating process that corrupts the Vibranium and creates clusters of deadly poisonous shards.

This is how the Avengers get involved in War for Wakanda. After the A-Day disaster, Wakanda closed its borders and cut off all communication with the outside world. After the dangerous corrupted Vibranium starts to appear across the globe, the Avengers travel to Wakanda to offer their help to King T’Challa.

The new Expansion unfolds in the jungles of Wakanda – a new Biome – and showcases both the rich and amazing history of this ancient, unconquered African country but also the futuristic technology of contemporary Wakanda. At the center is the Wakandan capital Birnin Zana, where our new Outpost is located. It features King T’Challa’s throne room from where he rules, and the command center where all important decisions regarding the country’s security take place. Shuri’s lab houses the nerve center for Wakanda’s Kimoyo network. The spiritual annex is located on the lower floor, where Zawavari aids the royal family in the ways of mystical powers.

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