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Ningbo Port is China’s second largest port and after a single case of COVID-19 was found, the post was shut down to prevent more cases. China has not yet immunized the people against COVID-19 which has so far only been used by the military and some healthcare people. The rest of the population are still not immunized.

Right now more than 50 container ships are in the port waiting to be processed, This is double the volume ordinarily seen. Chinese authorities are diverting some ships to other ports.

China’s economy is losing momentum as a result of new coronavirus restrictions and global supply chains face further strains with the curbs adding to queues at major Chinese transportation hubs, already stretched by a resurgence of consumer spending, shortage of container ships and logjams at ports.

China has moved aggressively in recent months towards mass immunizations of their entire population. There are 7 approved brands of immunization and each will likely be closely studied to see if new cases of delta or kappa emerge in the immunized population and to see how many need hospitalization. The latest figures show a 55.8% are now fully immunized and an efforts are ongoing.

The entire world is now at 24.4% fully immunized. India is a big problem as few have been immunized so far. At 73.3% the United Arab Emirates has the highest fully immunized population in the world at the moment.

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