Faruk Fatih Özer has an Interpol red notice warrant for his arrest

A hacker stole $90 million worth of cryptocurrency from the Japanese Liquid. According to its website, the security of its platform is one of its main selling

points. But that didn’t stop the hacker from stealing $90 million worth of cryptocurrency from the platform’s “warm wallet.”

Liquid said in its incident report that its “teams are still assessing the attack vector used and taking measures to mitigate the impact to users.” On its website, it warned customers not to transfer any crypto to their Liquid wallet addresses.

This is not the first cyberattack Liquid has faced recently. In November, the cryptocurrency exchange portals disclosed a security breach that involved a breach of employee email accounts and then a pivot to its internal network. The attack was stopped before the hacker was able to steal any funds.

Recall Faruk Fatih Özer who also ran off with over $100 million in bitcoins. INTERPOL cannot compel the law enforcement authorities in any country to arrest someone who is the subject of a Red Notice. Each member country decides what legal value it gives to a Red Notice and the authority of their law enforcement officers to make arrests.

Read Liquid’s blog report. All the more reason to consider mining a fools venture.

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