Ran across forum discussion that users questioned the operation of the fans on the EVGA RTX 3080 etc. Video cards for a long time have all used the logic board to control then fans. The fans are then controlled generally by thermal load. The fans howegver can be configured to run at custom speeds.

Apparantly some EVGA users were noticeding their third fan was not running as expected. The user complained that the fan was changing speeds rapidly and was noticable.

The EVGA user may have a fan problem that does crop up occasionally as most dual and triple fan card users do not report problems. The EVGA precision screenshot shows that the fan is complely powered down. The user also tried the overclock profile with no change in the fan behavior. Several on the forum suggested the MCU had a firmware problem to handle fans.

MSI Afterburner, Sapphire TriX and EVGA precision can all make custom fan profiles. This would be my first place to check for issues.

The only 3 fan card in the studio at present is the R9 Fury and it has not been a problem as the fans on the card are clean and they are all in perfect working order.

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