Intel has inked a deal with the US Defense Dept to develop some custom IP using the 18A line which follows the 20A roadmap Intel laid out in a recent architecture day, The Dept of Defense has also entered into a deal with Qualcomm but the details of the requirements are likely broadly based.

Recently Intel opened a custom logic office for anyone who wanted Intel to manufacture for them. The Pentagon stepped up immediately with a longer term deal which should help Intel reach its goals which my be 2025 or so before the 18A line is ready for even risk production. No news on the amount of money the contact is for but Intel is likely very happy to have the deal signed.

Intel has sought government help to help with the brutal cost of development of smaller nodes. It took Intel several years to get 10nm operating with any measure of wafers per day. Now they have the line working fairly well after years of trial and error work.

More details here.

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