It has been well known that Gigabyte was broken into and many trade secret documents were taken. Some of the documents show what to expect with Zen 4.

Speculation that Zen 4 will have RDNA 2 integrated graphics suggests the direction to widely available graphics will reduce the demand for discrete cards. Everyone knows that video cards are largely being used for mining digital coins.

The graphic shows DDR5 but no adoption of PCIe 5.0 speeds which would allow for even faster boot times. AM5 is offering a very welcome additional 4 PCIe lanes for a second M.2 slot. The additional lanes will likely be deployed in different ways for various market segments.

Supporting 10 SATA channels would satisfy the most ardent hard disks collections seen in larger chassis. The gaming box has dual NVMe SSD and 9 hard disks along with a Blu-Ray drive. The Blu-Ray drive finds much use with importing CD audio into iTunes and it also is handy for dealing with incompatible TV shows and movies that will not work on the LG UBK90 BD Player,

DDR5 will simply drive RAM into a realm of extreme overkill. Even the existing 32GB is overkill and moving to 64GB or 128GB is simple madness.

Integrated graphics like the R5 2400G with Vega 11 is fairly powerful and if AMD uses a chiplet design then including similar graphics would allow much better windows performance for business class uses. The problem with the R5 2400G is that the 8 PCIe lanes are not switched to the socket for use with a graphics card.

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