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Bitcoin activity map

It seems that traffic on the site tends to track Steam to some extent with the time of day when users are visiting. While page views are trending higher the main focus has been on maintaining some posts to improve the overall quality of the site. Expanded coverage of bitcoin has brought in a lot of additional traffic to the site above expectations. Additional categories are helpful while tags have all but disappeared from most sites.

At 9:00 AM local time, I see traffic from the EU zone, UK and Ireland, along with Russia and eastern Europe. At 5:00 PM local time, traffic changes to North America and south east Asus. China seems to be a growing story with Huawei crawling the site heavily.

I also have noted that noon meal hours seems to be a populr time to vist. Another block in the early evening is the other peak.

The Google geo map of traffic shows most of the world has come by in the last 28 days. Many come on the site with a laptop machine. Lots of laptop friendly games are reviewed here; probably 300-400 games if not more. Some call laptop gaming as playing on a potato in reference to the age of the machine etc.

I have tested games on the old Lenovo T500 which does play more than a few. The discrete graphics on the T500 has given way to Intel’s integrated graphics in machines like the Lenovo X220.

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