When a chartered vessel for Dollar Tree arrived to China to load up goods, a single crew member’s positive COVID-19 test forced the ship to turn around. The trip was delayed by two months. China has adopted a zero tolerance for COVID-19.

Recently a COVID-19 outbreak in China led authorities to shut down a major seaport. China has been rapidly immunizing the nation against COVID-19. Unfortunate new variants seem to be infecting even fully immunized persons. Most likely new inoculations will be needed to cope with the new variants. COVID-19 has kill uncounted millions already and millions more are expected to die before it is over.

Lots of discount chains import a lot of goods abroad. Shipping is highly globalized.

Lots of electronic components are imported from China such as SATA cables and the like. 5W USB-A chargers galore are sold at low price in local retail stores. More capable charger are now more common in retail. Charging cables are also a common item.

Some SATA cables are sold domestically in bundles of 10. Many buy bundles for a build with a few spares as SATA cables tend to not last that long in practice., When the power was reconfigured in the gaming box, 2 SATA cables were found to be defective so they were replaced.

Some USB sticks purchased have not arrived along with some compact discs. Most recently a local labor dispute with customs has impacted global shopping.

CNBC, Reuters and several Asian media have covered the shipping issues. Recall the Ever Given stuck in the Suez canal.

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