LG 27UL500-W

Looking at monitors for 2021 it seems that 4K is still well above mainstream. The Dell UP3218K is still is the only 8K panel but it cannot achieve true 8K even with dual DisplayPort 1.4 cables so it resorts to display stream compression. It’s not that the incumbent LG 27UL500-W is hurting, its still respectable in 2021, the ideas for gaming looking forward are more interesting.

DisplayPort 2.0 and HDMI 2.1 have more bandwidth but even more is needed for 8K to aluminate display stream compression. Some higher refresh monitors are available which appeal to gaming but they also need a spectacular amount of bandwidth..

The Phillips 499P9H is a 49″ 5120 x 1440 32:9 ultra widescreen panel. The color quality is poor due to the VA technology which takes away from the HDR400 feature.

The LG 49WL95C-W is also a 49″ 5120×1440 32:9 ultra widescreen panel. The IPS technology gives good color but the response time is slightly slower.

The MSI Prestige PS341WU is a 34″ 5120×1440 21:9 widescreen panel. It doesn’t come cheap, but it does have a great feature set to make up for that, including a Nano IPS panel with DCI-P3 color gamut, HDR support and comprehensive connectivity.

Lots of cheaper monitors are not as desirable for Hardcore Games. Those 4K screenshots on the site are very popular.

Outside the old Dell panel, nobody has introduced an 8K panel to compete. 8K televisions have the same problems with a lack of available bandwidth as monitors do.

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