According to Bo Pantang news, upstream of the supply chain revealed that the latest RTX3060Ti, RTX3060 series GPU model supply supply problems, supply will be reduced by a lot.

The supply of these two series of graphics cards is said to be reduced by at least 50% over the next few weeks compared to the first 20 days of August. As for when supply will ease, it may take a while, at least until late September, for a chance to make a small improvement.

Current prices in China are slightly tamer than they are in North America. Stocks are available one Prices month and gone the next. Prices in China are as volatile as the EU and US.

RTX 30602499元$386
RTX 3060 Ti2999元$463
RTX 30703899元$602
RTX 3070 Ti4499元$695
RTX 30805499元$850
RTX 3080 Ti8999元$1390
RTX 30901199元$1854
RX 6600 XT2999元$463
RX 6700 XT2699元$572
RX 68004599元$711
RX 6800 XT5099元$788
RX 6900 XT7999元$1236

I yuan is about $0.15 USD. Currency conversions are done with online tools and they are usually fairly accurate. Currencies to fluctuate which readers need to be aware of.

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