It seems that image management with WordPress is still at issue. Some posts over the last few months have had images disappear. All that remains is the block with the link missing. This is such an egregious bug as to be unbelievable. I have posted comments several times with the team but so far no fixes have surfaced.

The problems really got out of hand with the advent of the Gutenberg editor which dispenses with HTML in favor of SGML. The result is that posts have an additional layer of overhead compared to the HTML mode of old.

The PHP developers made many changes to make the tool more efficient. This seems to be lost with the WordPress developers who do not realize that performance matters.

So fixed damaged posts, come back and they are back as bad as ever. Small wonder why Google does not waste its time here.


Not sure what the problem was recognizing the php.ini properly but at least now the site can handle larger images with less problems. 4K images are popular on the site and the reason is obvious, they look much better on the site. Other sites are setup like a postage stamp but here quality matters for visitors who have 4K or one of the new 5K panels now surfacing. I see in settings that 256MB is now the size for uploads which can handle PNG files or JPEG as available.

Images from the iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 11 are all compressed with JPEG so they tend to be comparatively small. DSLR cameras tend to use RAW images so that editing can custom compression etc is user defined. DSLR cameras are now becoming very high resolution with the latest models now upwards of 50 megapixels with a Hasselblad at 150 megapixels noted. This is the main motivation for fixing the server to be able to post images in their full glory.

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