I was scrolling through twitter and I saw a larger than ever number of advertisements. Facebook has also become inundated with ads. Lower cost ads have attracted a lot of questionable products and services. Between Facebook and Twitter, Twitter seems to have managed ads slightly better than Facebook.

More recently ads for various apps are becoming more commonplace. Apple is relatively safe with apps but the question is more to do with the app and permissions with iOS 14 and above.

A growing number of ads for bitcoin are of concern about the bubble gaining ground. The famous tulip craze centuries ago made such a mess for Holland that it tool decades to recover. Bitcoin et alia are not a green industry but so many are now into mining that gaming has to take a back seat.

Stock trading is regulated in Canada. Unlike the US, Canada has a know your client rule. Having studied economics, I have some advantages over those who have not. The US Robinhood trading has been fueled by Reddit and options trading that lead to some seriously overvalued stocks.

Some ads for immunization are mostly public service ads from various nonprofit agencies. Food delivery services are becoming pervasive.

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