Apple today announced the first U.S. states that will be rolling out the ability for residents to add their driver’s license or state ID to the Wallet app on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Arizona and Georgia will be the first states to support the feature, with Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah to follow. Most likely other states will follow after reviewing the early results.

This move suggests that more work on the Apple Wallet is pending. I mentioned to Apple that the existing limit for cards in the wallet needs to be expanded slightly to handle credit cards, bank cards and assorted loyalty cards. Now adding ID and licenses will add more weight which makes the case to increase the storage in the wallet.

At present the Apple Pay is the most popular feature for Apple Watch users. Before the watches the phone itself can also use NFC payment. The watch is simply much more convenient.

It will take some time for the idea to expand generally. At first the idea is to expedite preflight clearance. In time this may be expanded for more applications. Once confirmed, the document will be saved in your Apple Wallet. Then, before your next flight, tap your iPhone or Apple Watch at the identity reader, authorize with Face ID or Touch ID, and head to your gate. Information like your legal name, date of birth, sex, state, and ID number and photo will be presented. 


At present the BC Government is rolling out a vaccine passport and its not yet known if its a stand alone unit or of it is running on the Apple Wallet. The launch day for the passport is September 13, 2021 for at least one dose and October 24,2021 for both doses. Paper versions are available for those who do not have a mobile phone. Doug Ford in Ontario wants a national vaccine passport which does make more sense,

People in Chile who have been vaccinated and are fully immunized against the coronavirus could from May 26, obtain a pass to move about more freely, a move that has been criticized by Chilean health professionals. The pass, can be downloaded on a person’s mobile phone two weeks after receiving their second shot, and it gives the bearer permission to move freely in cities under lockdown to go to the supermarket, pharmacy, or for open air exercise.

Due to be launched on July 1, EU passport is supposed to help turn the page on coronavirus restrictions that have crimped Europeans’ cherished freedom of movement. Coupled with a separate plan to let in fully vaccinated travelers from countries outside the EU and to be defined by the middle of June, Europe believes its vital tourist industry could claw back some of the losses racked up since the start of the pandemic. The EU agreement will prevent member states imposing additional travel restrictions, such as tests or quarantine, unless they are “necessary and proportionate” to protect public health. The certificate will have a scannable QR code which will help stymie the “hugely copied” PDF files of test results or vaccinations that some people were using to cross borders. Scotland is voting to provide the people with a vaccine passport to be available later this month.

With more than half the population having already received two vaccine doses, Israel has the highest vaccination rate in the world. Last month it was able to begin easing a nationwide lockdown. Known as the “Green Pass” it is available to anyone who has been fully vaccinated or has recovered from COVID-19. They just have to show it to access facilities such as hotels, gyms or theatres. The certificate is available in paper form or in an app, which links users to their personal health ministry data.


Qi charging has make it easier to charge mobile devices. Some recent chargers are now over 50W to handle faster charging. Undoubtedly more improvement in charging will become available in the market. The advantage of the wireless charging means that phones can be make water resistant much more easily. The connector on the bottom is easily secured from incursion.

The cigarette lighter in cars has found new life as a charger. The advent of wireless charging can be placed in the center tray.

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