The old Wacom Graphire CTE-630BT tablet from Wacom does not work right with Windows 11. The Wacom software also does not recognize the tablet via Bluetooth. The unit was procured back when Windows XP was in common use and it only uses Bluetooth, there is no USB cable for it.

Pairing the tablet with Bluetooth was successful in Windows which recognized the Wacom tablet as a human interface device but nothing else.

The Wacom Graphire is not the top model by any stretch of the imagination. Still it has a removable transparent cover that allows the tracing of images. The Canon MB2320 has a high resolution scanner which can import graphics as needed so there are options depending on the nature of the artwork intended.

Corel PhotoPaint Pro can then cleanup scanned images and photographs and I have much experience in restoration of images. PhotoMirage can do more such as making a video from source images which can be edited easily. PhotoMirage works with PhotoPaint to create digital film clips. These clips can then be imported into Avid Composer to create a more sophisticated stream.

The iPad Pro 12.9 has more or less taken over the abilities of the Wacom. The touch screen and stylus are very effective with graphics apps. Adobe Lightroom is handy for fixing some exposure problems. Many question the iPad but that comes from people who do not use Apple which caters to the creative market.

Mostly Corel PhotoPaint is called on to clean up some images. It has many powerful features that Photoshop cannot come close to handling. For example it can change a background from a static color to transplant quickly. Corel has updated their software over the years and is now available as 64-bit so memory management is not a problem.

Most likely Wacom will update their software once Windows 11 is RTM. The Wacom stylus with Windows is useful for some graphics tasks.

Worse comes to worse I guess a more recent model might be of some use. Not many are available in fleabay however.

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