I was reading Torrent Freak and they said that a new front called the Video Industry of America. Evidently this is fictious entity. Some targets are Verizon, Pinterest, and Engadget. Google says that it’s aware of these fraudulent notices but, thus far, they are not without damage.

I check my site on the Lumen database and this site is so clean it squeaks. Todays comments suggest this is a scam for personal gain.

I have cracked down with trademark abuses but I have never attacked any competitor with DCMA yet. Al I care is that my trademark is respected and I am happy.

Video Industry of America records the Lumen database are in Russian, so immediately this is likely reprisals for cold war sanctions. Russian media does not cover North America much at all, but lately Afghanistan has been the focus due to the fighting following the US withdrawal.

Much of the problem is the mechanized mature of the notices. If they are false there is nobody to sue for perjury.

The classic Crysis has fix linked in the review. The fix removes DRM that prevents the game from working with Windows 10 and Windows 11. So far that review has topped the games only because of the fix. Even this does not merit a DCMA gripe. The fixed EXE is open source and the package allows a Steam customer or an Origin customer to be able to play the game properly. The fixed EXE also ads several new screen resolutions including 3840×2160 which gives the classic game a remastered look

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