I have been play testing games with Windows 11 beta which is still a month or so from RTM. Windows 11 is still a tad unstable for final release but Redmond is working hard to make the release possible on time. No doubt when general availability surfaces that more issues will be identified.

With over 1000 games its not practical to play them all. The tested games at present include:

I randomly select other games when a change is desired. Destiny 2 launched a new season so the new action is definitely challenging. Still cannot find everything in Doom (2016) I need. Quake I have played them through several times. Some new procurements are up for gameplay. Always revising reviews with fresh screenshots and more as game updates sometimes improve the rendering.

I also noticed the power consumption of the RTX 2080 was higher than expected in the game lobby of more than a few titles. So much for the EPA Energy Star appliance campaign, Most games are much tamer and do not use power unless they game is actually played.

I playtest games for developers all the time and review them while I am at it. I play a lot of games over the course of a month. Many of the older games can be cranked up with the RTX 2080 even at 3840×2160. More recent titles however are starting to push the RTX 2080 hard. Prices for new cards are still outlandish so the incumbent is going to be on the job for a while to come.


Microsoft has been positioning Windows 11 for gaming as Redmond knows that the majority of consumers Windows users play games. Gaming is now such a large part of the economy that its hard to fathom. PC gaming has been impacted by the mining craze and gamers are not happy at all. In another 12-18 months new foundries will improve the supply of logic which should relieve the problem but the last 5 years cannot be recovered.

The Xbox Carbon Black controller works fine with Windows 11. Many PC games recommend a controller as the design is simply more amenable. Many games have partial support as controllers are not big on their priorities.


Windows 10 is supported to 2025 so there is lots of time for new TPM modules for older machines. Realistically its time to modernize as new generations games are great. Probably be wise to scrape up $2000 or so for an overhaul of the rig.

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