Rather than use low cost 80 plus bronze power the low end RM650 at least has an advantage at low power as being over 75%. The RM650 is 80 plus gold which is less heat to worry about.

The most recent AX1600i is ideal for gaming with the 80 plus paltinum rating. The PSU cannot be beat for efficiency but the cost is stupendous.

The old HX1000i is still respectable but it is now a spare PSU in case of a failure. The HX1000i was a replacement for an older AX860i that failed.

The really old TX850V2 was the first Corsair power supply I bought. While it was 80 plus bronze it was able to run GTX 260 SLI fine. I was cynical as many power supplies at the time were real shit. At least Corsair gives a good power supply to their customers and they stand behind them.

Hyper efficient power supplies are ideal as they waste much less power reducing the need for more power plants. New power plants are being built but mostly to replace old coal fired units. Efforts to get the nuclear industry back on track has been slower than a slug.

Eventually the Athlon 3000G processor is going to be put to work as the web server. The RM650 can easily handle the task. The Athlon uses very little power making it more desirable for a lower traffic server. All that remains is the need for a larger capacity SSD.

Over time 80 plus platinum will become more common as designs are modernized. 80 plus titanium is expensive due to the higher end components needed.

Some old power supplies remain in the box but they are obsolete in the face of modern efficient power supplies.

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