A large update today for Encased was delivered along with lots of other games. I have playtested Encased for the devloper since the game was first released in early access.

In 2017 a very small team of developers decided to create their own game. An RPG with enormous freedom of choice, nearly infinite variability, hundreds of characters and a real influence of player’s choices on the world and story. We knew from the start that we had a long, challenging, but incredibly exciting road ahead of us. And as we developed, it only became more and more difficult.

Now we are working with a major publisher Prime Matter, but we are still the same independent studio, burning with the idea to create games of our dreams. Our numbers have grown from only a few employees to dozens of people, and the duration of a single full playthrough is around 40 hours!

During the two years of Early Access, many of you have already played dozens of hours through this phase. The game has already received five content patches that added new mechanics, locations and characters to the game.

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