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Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) purchased access to NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware in 2019 after internal efforts to create similar iOS and Android surveillance tools failed.

The country gets the Hitler arm for this bullshit. Blanket survielence is right up there wth the “Final Solution”. Information technology monitoring and online searches are limited to individual cases due to the operational and technical challenges in practice,” according to the cybersecurity strategy. The cybersecurity strategy is now apparently intended to change this. The SS that was used to terrorize the German people and it looks like the facism is back in full force.

Recently the krauts have also indulged in censorship of websites. Silencing dissent get another Hitler award. So much for free speech and pricacy. The UN basic rights are signed by most nations and Germany is a hypocrite. On the face of it Germany is regressing to the Gernam Demicratic Republic period when people lived in fear and despair.

The federal government revealed the agreement with NSO in a closed-door session with the German parliament’s Interior Committee on Tuesday, reports Die Zeit.

The NSO Group has been well disclosed so they are beat in trying to hide. Windows is hardened against Pegasus and Apple is cracking down hard on abuses as well. This leaves Android out in the cold.

While Snowden was able to tell people what he knew, the extent of the industry is actually vast. US capabilites were leaked when the NSA was broken into and all of their software assets were pilphered.

Privacy has been abused to death in America. So much for the Bill of Rights. In other nations privacy varies substantially.

Following widespread criticism, Apple has announced that it will not be launching its child protection features as planned, and will instead “take additional time” to consult. Apple does not want to alienate their customers.

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