A user on redit who too self rightous to disable adblocking elected to infringe my post on LTO-9 which contravenes the Copyright Act.

Infringement is a crimal act and adblocking is also technically shoplifting.

I filed a complaint with Reddit over the infringement which I am hoping they will adress in due course. Sadly Reddit probably gets thousands of complaints daily.

This site has been around in one form or another since it started with paper back in the early days, An early CP/M machine was used to type up editorial but the economy of the time limited distribution. Later when Fido surfaced I used it to share some of the texts I created earlier.

I also scanned a lot of old paper notebooks I used extensively in the 1960s and 1970s. The scanned notebooks are archived on an optical disc. They have all been transcribed and are store in text files which have been the basis for articles about IT from its dawn onward.

FrontPage allowed HTML to be used which was editable. The Windows 98 personal web server was able to handle limited traffic but cable internet was still slow. Faster internet emerged quickly and then came WordPress and Linux.

So anyone who wants to know where all that history came from is right here for all to see, I am a touch typist and I can type at 60-70 words per minute. When I was younger I was faster but I am far from DOA.


It seems that Reddit is not happy in /R/Apple posts and several other areas. It seems to be a toxic mix of idiots. Hardcore Games preceeds Web 2.0 by decades.


Some time ago an adblock user copied my site without permission. I cited the DCMA infringement and it was removed very quickly.


I have taken many steps to secure the site. Copy and paste is not possible so infringement is typing and more typing. I also deal with noscript users who are also denied access, Finaly adblock users are denied access,

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