I have had to Beats Solo3 for my entertainment needs, Unfortunately they seem to be problematic with the cover on the styrophone pads.

The photograph shows the problem. It started off with a minor detachment and it has since become more substantial. I am wondering if the position of the power button may be in part related to the damage. The reason is that gripping the headphones to press and hold the power switch takes a few hundred milliseconds to respons. Evidently the stress may be the cause of the damage.

The headphones otherwise work fine. Considering the problem seems to requrie some glue to reinforce the torn covering. Most likely a modern cyanoacrylic or epoxy will be suitable. Cyanoacrylic are fast and strong but the flexible material may not be as amenable for longer term strength.

I called Apple and they did simply hung up on me. Guess I am on my own to fix the headphones which sell for $199 in Canada. If I get new ones I may as well get the larger Pro model.

The Beats Solo3 are not designed for workouts etc. They are designed for quiet listening. Still the warm weather can cause some perpiration which should be tolerable.

Hopefully the repair survives but now that I have some repair options keeping them in service save on spending more pesos on some new headphones. I may use some epoxy if the cyanoacrylic does not pan out so well. The cyanoacrylic can tack things down fine but epoxy does have more mechanical strength.


It seems that with iOS 14.7.1 the playback of music from a playlist is occasionally problematic changing songs,. After fade out the song comes back for a second or so before the next track is played. iBugs are abundant which calls for resurecting Apple Bonkers.

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