After a recent high at $51,000 bitcoin has softened to around $44,000. Bitcoin fell hard yesterday but leveled off today. The US markets have also sold off a bit suggesting COVID-19 delta is a growing menace to the economy. US job opening reached a new high above expectations drive by logistical problems and skills shortaage. The US Dow 30 has been off slightly for the last couple of weeks. A 52 week chart shows the Dow moving more sideways than anything. NASDAQ has still been moving higher but earnings are a constant concern.

US futures are pointing to more downward pressure on US stock exchanges. Glocally the marets are bouncing around driven by various earnings and news reports.

COVID-19 is likely be consolidated with influenza as Modern suggested in a press release easlier. mRNA immunization is a new development which is cheaper and faster than previous techniques. The problem is that it is a new technology that is not well espablished but studies galore have helped clarify the real risks.

A growing number of social ads for various exchanges gives cause for convern after the rash of thefts lately. Some major heists have been widely reported and still more ads are spending money like there was no tomorrow. Bitcoin et all are not regulated so they are an illegal securities asset. even after complaints to the SEC, the are slow to move in on Coinbase when they wanted to loan money and bitcoins. Regulators are asleep at the switch so many are being robbed blind. So do not loan to any bitcoin agency, Keep everythjing in a moble wallet or dedicated card, Cash sales are taxable so be aware. Like any Ponzi scheme, more investors are needed to keep the prices up.

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