Federal Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers on Friday handed down a decision in a closely watched trial between Apple and Epic Games. The court held that Apple will no longer be allowed to prohibit developers from providing links or other communications that direct users away from Apple in-app purchasing.

Epic hoped to break down Apple’s walled garden but only managed to poke a hole. Nonetheless, the game maker is still pursuing legal action against Apple in Australia, the EU, and the UK. It has also sued Google over similar store rules.

Epic wasn’t seeking money from Apple. Instead, it wanted to be allowed to install its own app store on iPhones, which would allow it to bypass Apple’s cut and impose its own fees on games it distributed. Epic Games will also have to pay Apple damages because it breached its contract, Rogers ruled. Epic will pay Apple 30% of all revenue it collected from iOS Fortnite through direct payments.

This narrow rulling does not materially change much but Apple’s stock fell 2% on the publishing of the courts ruling. Likely this will be appealed before long. The ideas be fought over are complex and difficult as any American has discovered.

The fight over corporate greed with the 70-30 system is abusive in the extreme. Steam is known to make several billion dollars annualy from game sales. Steam vendors have loaders galore that are used now to get around the 30% tax.

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