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Nobody can forget the carnage of 9/11, it is eteched indelibly into the memories of everyone. The sorrow is outright unbearable. More than 20% of Americans are too young to know the world before 9/11. Bush immediately was moved to the secure war room in case of futher attacks.

The area that would come to have different names: Epicenter, Ground Zero, The Pile and, eventually, hallowed ground. For us it was Dante’s Inferno. How cound anyone do such a horrible act of terrorism? Its absolutely unimaginable. Police only found 20 who survived the collapsed towers, Countless others did not stand a chance.

Merging terrorism with religion was the biggest mistake . Bush created enemies which were not there. Still the mood of America was unmistakable. The American war on drugs is another mistake. These are wars that fail. These are ongoing societal, philosophical and ideological questions that need complex, difficult policies that are not easily dealt with by something as simple as war. Foreign and defense policymakers in DC need to start thinking longer-term about America’s strategic interests globally instead of choosing what is in their best interests short-term.  9/11 forced America to deal with a war of ideas rather than war of people or conquering territory and land. America is probably safer in that inteligence agencies have a better understanding of that. 

While the CIA, NSA, FBI and every other agency all worked on the invesitgation, no concrete evidence was ever unconvered outside the identication of the actual perpetrators. Speculation was rampant that hampered the investigation. Defence contractors were licking their lips.

Bush also aimed to assuage concerns voiced by veterans and servicemembers that their time in Afghanistan was all for naught – with the Taliban quickly taking over the country ahead of President Joe Biden’s August 31 messy pull-out. 

Biden laid a wreath in Shanksville, PA after VP Harris called for a ‘united America’ during her 9/11 speech and Bush slammed ‘violent extremists’: Clinton and Obama earlier joined Biden at Ground Zero. Bush likened domestic extremists to foreign terrorists who attacked the U.S. 20 years ago.

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Lower Manhatten in 2021

The memorial is at the foot of the One World Trade Center that was built at the site of the Twin Towers in lower Manhatten. Its the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and the sixth-tallest in the world. The building is bounded by West Street to the west, Vesey Street to the north, Fulton Street to the south, and Washington Street to the east. The construction was sucessful at revitalizing the lower Manhatten area which saw more constuction projects nearby.

Today a person in the lower Manhatten street would find a trace of the carnage. For a younger person all they know is a cleaned up core are that now draws many visitors from around the world.

Over at the Pentagon, they unfurled a large US flag on the side of the building to mark the 20th anniversary.

Before the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, passenger screening was comparatively minimal. Screening has ramped up, creating long lines at airports and other hassles. Security experts say risks remain and are evolving.

The entire industry, from airport security to flight attendant training to even the number of airlines in existence, was reshaped by the deadliest terror attack in U.S. history. That clear, blue morning in late summer, 19 hijackers turned four Boeing jetliners — two American Airlines and two United Airlines planes —into missiles. They crashed two of them into the World Trade Center and one into the Pentagon. The fourth crashed in a field in southern Pennsylvania. Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the attack.

“We share your sorrow and we honor the men and women you have loved for so long and so well,” Bush said.

Iraq was a quick hatchet job for a regime change. Today the nation is comparatively quiet with a few US companies in the nation helping rebuild the oil infrastructure, pipelines and electrical grid etc. Iraqi comments about Abu Ghraib, locals sad that US treatemnt was tolerable compared to Saddam Hussein’s brutal rule. The desire for the prisons destruction to eliminate a reminder of Saddam Hussein is all Iraqis wanted.

The amount of spending in Afganistan is close to $2 trillion over the last 20 years. Today the nation has colapsed as Biden put a stop to the waste of money. Far too much cash was poured into country leading to mssive corruption. Biden realised that the nation was so currupt as to be irredemable.

The recent COVID-19 has done even more damage to air travel. Airtlines are largely running at 1/3 capacity due to a lack of passengers. Immunization campaigns have come up agaInst some unsound resistance. Fact is that the immunization will help eliminate the problem eventually.

new york city on september 11 2011

In an episode of Law & Order looking from the Jersey side the skyline was different and they the two towers were missing. The episode was dealing with contemporary hate crimes against muslims. A few episides mentioned the towers in passing as the series was shot on location.

A few suspects are held at Guantanamo Bay, At last check there were 5 suspects in custody. Saudi Arabia has asked for more transparency as the attacks are definitely not consistent with Islamic values. Only people who twist the religion for political purposes only serve to pervert the modesty of islam. Fifteen of the 19 plane hijackers were Saudi nationals. The bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia has not found work thanks to the Osama who defiled the Koran. Donald Trump strengthened ties but Joe Biden called Saudi Arabia “a pariah” for its part in the gruesome murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.

My condolences to all who suffered such sorrow.

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