It seems that the dirt bag ExpressVPN has been fined $1.6 million for its role in Project Raven. The agreement comes a day after ExpressVPN announced it had been sold as part of a $936 million deal to former adware distributors Kape Technologies, a company co-founded by an ex-Israeli surveillance agent and a billionaire previously convicted of insider trading.

From around 2014 to 2016, CyberPoint supplied U.S.-trained contractors to Project Raven. In 2016, news reports emerged that CyberPoint had contracted with the Italian spyware company Hacking Team, which damaged CyberPoint’s reputation as a defensive cybersecurity firm. Reportedly dissatisfied with relying upon a U.S.-based contractor, the UAE replaced CyberPoint with DarkMatter as its contractor, and DarkMatter induced several CyberPoint staff to move to DarkMatter. After this, Project Raven reportedly expanded its surveillance to include the targeting of Americans, potentially implicating its American staff in unlawful behaviour.

It seems that VPM providers are not very trustworthy at all.

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