Last year Google announced they were intending to install a new fiber to the UK and now news of the cable being hauled ashore are all over the media.

The Google-funded cable to Bude on the picturesque northern coast of Cornwall. Once installed, the cable is expected to be able to carry around 340 Tbps of capacity. That should be good enough to perk up game installs.

The cable is dubbed Grace Hopper but that is more hype than anything. So much for NVIDIA Hopper expected down the road. The fact of the matter is that this is the first new cable across the Atlantic since 2003. Google also split the cable at sea to Spain where Google has a deal for 5G infrastructure,

It appears that more fiber is being installed across the oceans to help expand the internet backbone which everyone will be grateful for. Africa needs more fiber to be installed as well to help develop the region.

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