So far NVIDIA seems content to provide drivers from Kepler onward. Kepler cards like the GTX 690 are still respectable. Some games still used GTX 660 or GTX 760 as the minimum card simply because its equivalent to the original Xbox One console. The more recent Xbox Series X is designed for 4K gaming which needs a much more powerful GPU.

Some have the venerable $650 GTX 780 which was on of the last of the Kepler cards. With 12 CU giving 2304 CUDA, the GTX 780 is still a respectable card for 1920×1080 gaming. The $999 GTX 690 is more powerful with 16 CU and it represents the best of Kepler. Kepler CU are 192 CUDA.

The more recent RX 480 8GB does outclass the old GTX 780 but it also is several years more recent. The RX 480 has 36 GCN CU. GCN CU are 64 shaders.

The the $799 GTX 2080 has more VRAM than the GTX 780. Play testing a GTX 690 recently I notice Halo and many other games are playable at 4K. Halo barely warms up the RTX 2080 even at 3840×2160.

So some questions about NVIDIA dropping Kepler are speculation as the latest Windows 11 friendly drivers are fine with Kepler cards. Given the large number of Kepler cards still being used I do not seem NVIDIA abandoning them just yet.

For 1920×1080 the enthusiast Kepler cards are still plenty good for gaming. Only reason for a better card is for 2560×1440 or 3840×2160 resolutions which are much more demanding.

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