garden slug

The network box is not very powerful so when Steam downloads game updates the website page load times suffer. Efforts to get a better box from Shaw (my ISP) have been unsuccessful.

Most game updates do not use a lot of internet bandwidth. The game patching tends to thrash the disks instead with verification etc. This is why the actively developed games are on a server grade disk to prevent excessive writes on a SSD. SSD drive write endurance is limited compared to the server hard disk which can tolerate 50 times the workload in style.

I may need to spend some pesos on a different WiFi box and simply use the ISP box as a dumb modem. The setting is called IP passthrough where my public facing IP address is passed to the alternative WiFi box.

Depending on the way the home is set up most today use wireless capabilities. The HiTron box can be placed in the utility room and then Ethernet cables can be installed as needed, Power over Ethernet is only available with 10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX as 1GBASE-T uses all four pair.

Multiple WiFi boxes can be placed as needed from a utility room Ethernet switch. 9- port switches are inexpensive so even the largest mansion can have abundant wireless connectivity. The 100 meter cable limit is not generally an issue with cat 7 or higher cable.

For now the cable box has to wear a lot of hats so forgive me for game updates. After all this is a gaming site. Most funds at present are being saved towards an overhaul of the machine leading into the DDR5 period. The first wave will likely repeat what happened with socket AM5. The first wave of AM4 motherboards preceded Ryzen by 9 months. The X570 pushed a new CPU procurement to support PCIe 4.0 which now is well supported by M2 SSD offerings.

The web server has a SSD so it’s not all that slow. Slowly parts are becoming available for a new server with the old B350 motherboard. The RM650 is ideal for lower power service. The Athlon 3000G is 2 cores 4 threads and it has 4 PCIe lanes for an M.2 SSD. M.2 SSD now reach 8TB which should be more than enough. The Intel 660p 512GB is available for the storage.