xbox series x

There have been serveral reports on various forums concerning that both the Xbox Series X and the Series S machines are crashing after some period of time playing games.

The Xbox series S is more suited to the 1920×1080 television market. The reason is that the machine is not nearly as powerful as the series X which is more suited to 3840×2160.

It seems a few titles are set to push the console too hard leading to overheating which crashes the machine. For the most part games on the Xbox are well behaved and can be played for hours on end.

On the PC gaming box the OSD shows the video card power which can given some idea as to the game settings. The RTX 2080 is 215 watts by design with 240 watts turbo if temperatures allow for it. Halo: MCC barely warms the card up even at 3840×2160 so on a console it should be playable all day long.

By comparison The Out Worlds is much more demanding and it tends to push the RTX 2080 to the power limit when playing it at 3840×2160.

4K televisions are much cheaper and more households are buying them. The Xbox Series X can handle games readily on such televisions which is their design. The large fan on the console is there to cool the logic to prevent thermal failure.

Developers need to able to be more careful with games on consoles which do not have the same level of abilities of the PC has. The PC can handle games pushing the cards to the maximum as the cooling capability is much more extensive.