Toshiba has used advanced  FC-MAMR in the server class MG09 hard disks. Now this technology is being used in the more affordable N300 and X300 series of hard disks. The good news is that capacity will now reach 18TB which will make them popular with NAS users etc.

WD recently reached 20TB with an embedded NAND. Toshiba has to find another 2TB of capacity from somewhere to add to its drives to reach that level. Seagate is also looking to ramp up capacity soon.

Toshiba said the new disks will be available towards the end of 2021. The studio prefers the MG09 disks for their bulletproof performance and and 5 year warranty. Enterprise hard disks are more expensive but worth it in terms of premium strengths. Game updates can be demanding which seems to well handled by the MG09 class disks.

NAS users with the N300 disks should be happy as these disks are designed for up to 8 disk NAS boxes. The MG09 are needed for the bigger NAS boxes such as the 16 disk and larger models. Servers such as 45 drives chassis are also better off with MG09 disks simply due to the server environment.

The chart shows how the cost for 1TB of storage has fallen substantially over time. Today the 4TB disk has moved into the $99 price band bumping the 2TB from a few years ago. The cost per TB has continued to fall over time and its reasonable to expect 8TB disks in a few years to move into the $99 price band.The challenge for hard disk manufacturers is to develop larger capacity models to get ahead of price erosion.