windows 11 wallpaper

Hyper-V has two options, the old generation 1 virtual machine is fine for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. Windows 8 and above can use secure boot etc so the generation 2 virtual machine is a more modern platform with a richer BIOS etc.

Hyper-V etc are hard to find. They are now in Windows Tools where some of the various components are now placed.

With Windows 10 I tried the generation 2 virtual machine and it failed. Then again several generation 1 virtual machines also failed to start etc. Now that Windows 11 is close to RTM it seems that trying out the Hyper-V manager may have been fixed at long last.

XP through Windows 7 can run on a generation 1 virtual machine. Windows 8 and above need a generation 2 virtual machine. Windows 8 and above will install in generation 1 virtual machines but not run properly as the operating systems are dependant on secure boot.

Windows 20001failedinstallation errors
Window XP1successfulerror launching
Windows Vista1failedbad ISO image
Windows 71successfulwindows update fails
Windows 82successful
Windows 102successful

Having some problems connecting with virtual machines but eventually the goal was to use remote desktop with all of the virtual machines. The idea was to be able to create screenshots and update documents etc.

It seems that Microsoft has removed all of the update servers for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This means manuals and guides can only be made or updated from the fresh install. Screenshots galore are needed for guides which is why the older versions of Windows are installed. The older versions of Windows in a VM are not suitable for gaming due to the restrictions imposed by AMD and NVIDIA using gaming cards.

In time when there is more room for a rack based system older motherboard can be setup for bare metal. This way a physical GPU can be installed for playing incompatible games. That or an old Quadro card to provide graphics.