There has been a lot of speculation about video cards in the forums and on social media. Some more interesting facts are needed to give perspective.

Wafer cost$7,000$16,000

Looking at the higher cost of TSMC wafers it is clear that Samsung N5 is a better place for mid range cards. Even when considering the advantages of TSMC it is still better to use Samsung N5. The high cost of TSMC is one of the drivers of video card shortages. This is what the cost of wafers has to be considered.

TSMC is more than double the cost of Samsung which makes the case for selecting them for mid range cards. Once TSMC has some more lines operating then costs may be more reasonable.

GDDR6 memory is now more mature so mid range cards can easily be provisioned with 16GB and match the contemporary consoles. It makes sense to use Samsung for a larger volume of gaming cards logic. Given the supply of cards, making 2 million more cards probably will still not be enough.

Now in light of the facts about TSMC and Samsung. The picture is clearer about what AMD and NVIDIA can do to keep the video card stocks flush.