Sunway TaihuLight

China has been building several supercomputers for domestic use. Most of the work in focused on oil exploration, weather analysis, industrial design, pharmaceutical research among various other academic needs.

At present China now as 206 machines in the TOP500. The US has 124 while Japan has 36. Canada only has 6 machines in the TOP500. The new IBM Summit machine is now more powerful but alas it is also a powerpig, The USA has an aggregate performance of 856.8 PFLOPS, while China’s machines produced a performance of 445.3 PFLOPS.

The Sunway TaihuLight is the most powerful machine in China at present. It uses 15 MW of power which is equivalent to a city of 1 million. The machine achieves 93 TFLOPS in performance and it has 1.32 PB of RAM. There is a 20 PB storage system attached.

Supercomputers are used for a large and diverse range of needs, Climate modelling has been a long standing question and geological studies in earthquake zones are also widely analyzed.

More machines are ordered almost annually around the world and over time more study can be done. China has a large market and they are mostly focused on domestic needs. Healthcare research however has global reach.