Apple has now released iOS 15 for the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. iOS 15 now leverages 5G for mobile backup of images etc to iCloud. The iPhone 6S and above are eligible for iOS 15. WatchOS 8 is available for series 3 and above.

  • Downloading apps
  • Backing up from and restoring to iCloud
  • Downloading content from Apple TV+ in higher resolutions

Of course iOS can use WiFi to off load cellular services.

There are new widgets on the iPad which offer a clock, calendar. weather and photos.

  • AppleTV+ has many shows that are shot in 4K or better. This makes them look much better with a modern 4K UHD HDR television.
  • Keys: iPhone is able to unlock select HomeKit-enabled smart locks. Requires an iPhone with an A12 chip or newer. The iPhone 11 in the studio has A13 so its quite suitable.
  • Identification cards and driver licenses: iPhone can store a copy of a U.S. user’s state-issued identity card or driver license. Arizona, Georgia, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah will be the first states to support the feature.
  • By activating the privacy app logging, the user can save a 7-day summary of the times when the various apps access certain data and the domains or websites they visit

Identification will likely expand rapidly s the Apple Wallet is able to handle several items securely.

No doubt that a bug fix will surface fast as legions of users discover problems. Apps will also update as needed to support iOS 15.


The Apple watch series 3 was a nuisance with only 8GB of storage. To update the watch essentially forced me to reset the watch all the time. This was inconvenient. When I saw that health was way better with the series 6 watch I grabbed the Nike version which has 32GB and is not stressed by software problems. Installing WatchOS 8 on the series 3 took well over an hour using my iPhone 11. Eventually I had to pair it manually as the phone was unable to recognize the pattern display.