Gamasutra - EA to replace Origin with EA Desktop as services rebrand  continues

EA has developed a new application called EA Desktop to replace the old defective Origin loader. At least this loader has not crashed on the box which is a move in the right direction. The new loader is still not 4K friendly as the game collection does not redraw to fill the full screen mode. The migration to 8K is not that far off so developers need to be aware of highly diverse displays.

Several games are not showing in the new loader but EA suggested more games will be added soon. Clearly this EA App is early in the development curve.

I was also able to take the user name HardcoreGames. I grieved over the trademark so at least now I have a synced with Steam. So at appears that EA was slow but realized I am a well liked webmaster.

EA has also abandoned the old Origin logo in favor of the new one as shown. Clearly EA realized there was a problem and at least now they are back with a new loader that does not crash with Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Unpacking the game collection to a hard disk takes about 2-3 hours. The archive is 500GB packed by 7-zip which is the most popular archive too. 7-zip is flexible for backups but it is slow with drive managed shingled disks. The Sabrient 8TB SSD does look rather desirable but the cost is does eat into the video card fund.

Now that EA has solved problems with the new EA Desktop loader the previous objections are now mitigated. Almost, the app crashed within a few hours of downloading game updates. EA was honest that it is a beta but at least they are grinding their way towards updating the game selection. No way to hide games like Apex Legends which is now on Steam where a lot more players are now fighting it out.

The update queue got stuck so after a reboot the process of getting games ready rapidly resumed. This new EA Desktop loader is at least running which is a big move forward.

Launching Battlefield: Hardline I found nobody was playing it at all. EA is still stuck with the web page front end and this makes the their loaded a security risk. Everybody else’s game use in game server browsers.