I have been experimenting with some ad providers. Some work better than others but I can always resort to a manual system if necessary.

For now a large interstitial ad is earning for a view so as long as there is traffic I can earn a small number of pesos. Interstitial ads are one of the better performing ad units, generating the highest eCPMs across all GEOs and mobile devices. Interstitials grab users’ attention and maintain high click-through and conversion rates. The hope is that this one ad type will earn an adequate amount of revenue for more coffee.

Other ads are possible and I may use them but at the same I do not want to aggravate users. The large ad has a close button so it’s not a forced view that blocks access to to the post.

Amazon ads are not what they used to be so while they remain for now, changes are being considered. Amazon does not handle international users while the new interstitial ads are global. Traffic is global so global ads make more sense. I get traffic from Taiwan, Bulgaria, Latvia, Brazil, Russia and other nations galore. Internet availability has expanded substantially and global internet traffic has changed.

At present earning cannot even scrape up $20 a month so the new ads are move in the direction towards much needed cash. The reason is that CPM rates for ads are far from what they used to be. Today CPM ads barely earn 3 cents per thousand so even with 100K pageviews per month it hardly buys coffee. Maybe with 500K page views but traffic patterns are incredibly variable.

The WP users that appear on the footer show a large discrepancy between what that recognizes as a page view as opposed to Google who does not seem to register it at all. I estimate Google ignores maybe 90% of pageviews. My own records show 250K to 500K pageviews monthly while Google ignores most of them.

The new ads do not pay much but they seem to register CPM rates better than Google does. The ads do not pay much so the goal is more coffee so that is still an option. If enough users spring for a jar of coffee then more content can be typed up for game news of interest to readers.